THE KERN COUNTY HISTORICAL SOCIETY a county-wide, nonprofit organization founded in 1931 as an outgrowth of the Society of Kern Pioneers. Today's membership is open to all persons who are interested in history and Kern County history in particular. Our current membership includes persons from many diverse occupations as well as retired people and both longtime residents and more recent comers. Supported by membership dues and contributions, the Society is devoted to preserving, publishing, and distributing information related to the history of Kern County.


Preservation of Kern County's heritage is the Society's principal goal. Especially noteworthy are the publications of The Kern County Historical Society a long line of brochures and books invaluable in their coverage of early days and early activities as well as in their awareness of the relation of history to current living. In addition to making this outstanding material available to the public, this nonprofit organization has sponsored the placing of landmark plaques throughout the county, has worked with the State Division of Parks and Recreation in the restoration of Fort Tejon, has cooperated through the years with chambers of commerce and boards of trade to help insure high standards in publicity pamphlets, and is the parent sponsor of the Kern County Museum, which features a sixteen acre site that includes historic structures ranging from 1868 through 1936. Members receive the Society's illustrated quarterly, Historic Kern and the Kern Grapevine, a monthly newsletter which gives information about coming events.


Programs of the Kern County Historical Society are held monthly between September and May, with the exception of December. The programs feature speakers on subjects pertaining to county history, historical sites, and Kern lore. Field trips are led by experts well acquainted with the sites. Programs and field trips are open to members and guests.